System History

In the late 90's, the Solidarity Association of Employees of the Social Security Fund (ASECCSS), sought a place to develop a project that would allow its members to vacation in a beautiful place near the beach and affordable. Thus, in the year of 1999 started near Coco Beach, the construction of 15 villas with the idea of timeshare programs  to fund their own partners.

The need was immediate growth and with the development of new villas and facilities were set up activities and entertainment departments, which created the right environment for our services and  extended to other markets of customers who were not members or employees the CCCSS.

The Hotel & Villas has 123 units ,  rooms with high standards of quality and fully equipped villas. In its short history, the Hotel & Villas Nacazcol has had a continuous process of development, growth and improvement. We are a 3 star hotel and we are belong to the Sustainability Program "CST" (Certification for Sustainable Tourism). To our vacation property owners we offer the opportunity to access a global network of vacation exchange through Interval International system.